How to create a resilient organisation, team and individual when dealing with a crisis or violence


How2Respond® ensures that you are optimally prepared for intense and challenging circumstances such as a:

  • crisis - calamity - emergency
  • emotional disturbance & trauma
  • aggressiveness, hostility & violence

While facing these kind of situations, our experts are on hand to support you on all fronts in order to facilitate an optimal recovery for your organisation or yourself.

How2Respond® focuses on personal & team response and recovery to these intense challenges. In all the aspects of the How2Respond cycle®.

We do this by creating safe conditions in which organisations and people learn to perform by using their own resilience & positive drive. Our aim is to develop a resilient team or individual on a physical, cognitive, behavioural, emotional & spiritual level.

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How2respond® is a supporter of the new way of working.

How2respond® is a part of  a network of people who have joined their forces .

In the collective we all have our own company, but can guarantee continuity and quality through our way of collaboration.

The network consists of experts, trainers, coaches, consultants & actors with experience in the following fields: crisis management, emergency services, business continuity, (crisis)communication and behaviour of people in stressful, aggressive, and challenging circumstances.

How2Respond® is therefore not just a independent body, but part of a network of self-employed people who work together.

How2Respond® will form the right team to meet all your needs.

The trainers have a psychology background specialised in behaviour & behaviour profiling, (crisis) communication, stress response, (change) management and the ability to deal with crisis situations, trauma and aggression.

The actors have experience in the field of behavioural sciences, communication, crisis, aggression and stressmanagement. Their response is based on the behaviour of the participants in the simulated situation.

Methods we use

At How2Respond ® we train your skills for an effective response under challenging circumstances.

The starting point for this is to use and work with your own qualities and the role that suits you best in these special circumstances.

How2Respond ® uses the following methods in its services.

  • Sharing experiences: We encourage participants to contribute through sharing their experiences.
  • Participation: The participants will take part in inspiring & realistic exercises.
  • From theory into practice: The participants will work with actors, role play & scenario simulations. This will encourage them to use their own skills & inventiveness and then put the theory into practice.
  • Group oriented: The structure of the services are flexible and is adapted as much as possible to the needs of the group.
  • Individually oriented: Participants receive individual feedback & support where needed.
  • Exchange of information: Relevant information will be distributed (preferably digital).


Edith Gordon

Edith square

You will recognise Edith as a strong all-round trainer, coach & therapist.

She is well versed in topics such as crisismanagement, stressmanagement, dealing with trauma and aggressive behaviour.

She uses opportunities & challenges to think outside the box.

Her motivation is to approach complex issues and situations in a straightforward, uncomplicated and logical way, this in order to stimulate and increase everyone's resilience, capabilities and authenticity.


Experience: 25+ years

Specialist in: Crisis & Trauma