Dealing   with   Aggressive   Behaviour

Transforming Aggressive Behaviour into Constructive Behaviour


Anger and frustration are completely normal, usually healthy and human emotions.

But when it gets out of control it becomes destructive - we call that Aggressive Behaviour. 

It can lead to circumstances and actions that affect our work, personal relationships, and the overall quality of life.


We offer training & workshops for professional who are confronted with Aggression and claiming behaviour, in their line of work.

We provide specialised programs for healthcare professionals working with clients who display aggressive behaviour, due to their condition which has a major impact on their behaviour.

Our programs are customised to the needs of your organisation, and contain the following items:

  • Introduction to the concept of Aggressive Behaviour and the interaction/influence of our brain with this behaviour
  • A test that will give you insight in your own behaviour and your reaction towards aggressive behaviour
  • A structured method - How2Respond Cycle® -  that you can put into place in order to deal with aggressive behaviour - within all aspects of this Cycle
      • How to identify & analyse the situation, that could escalate
      • How to prevent or prepare towards aggressive behaviour
      • How to pick up the signs and respond towards aggressive behaviour and its escalation phases
      • How to recover from the stress-ful incident or situation
      • How to evaluate and make changes in protocols when necessary
Respond cycle english copy
Extra course options are:

  • Case scenario training with one or more actors, based on your work situations
  • Team assignment & coaching: Is the treatment, guidance and support of the client sufficiently attuned to the clients individuality in combination with the care that is required.

This course is an online interactive course, with the option of a physical training day with actor(s)