Crisis Management

From Preparedness to Recovery

The question is not "IF .... but WHEN" something will happen? It's just a matter of time!

The experience of recent years shows that the damage caused by the crisis situation itself often is less serious than what is caused by the disorder thereafter.

Insufficient preparedness and organisation skills create chaos and panic, which then can cause an even greater crisis than the original situation itself.

A well prepared organisation responds appropriately to a crisis situation and use their our own recourses to accelerate recovery. Therefore they limit the damage to people and their organisation.

Resilience & Trauma Preparedness

Building your resilience

We all face trauma’s adversity and other challenges. With our programs we offer a roadmap for adapting to life changing situations, and emerging even stronger than before.

With the right tools and support in place one thing is sure. You will not only make it through the challenges of life, but you will also emerge more confident and courages afterwards.

Resilience is the proces of bouncing back and growth while being confronted with trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress.

We will give you the tools to bounce back, gain control, modify and grow. Becoming resilient not only helps you to get difficult circumstances, it also empowers you to grow and even improve your life along the way.

Resilience is not a static personality trait, it involves behaviour, thoughts and actions that anyone can learn to develop.


Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour

Transforming Aggressive Behaviour into Constructive Behaviour

Anger and frustration are completely normal, usually healthy, human emotions. But when it gets out of control it becomes destructive - We call that Aggression.  It can lead to problems that affect our work, personal relationships, and the overall quality of life.

We offer training & workshops for professional who are confronted with Aggression and claiming behaviour, in their line of work.

The program is designed to introduce workers to the concept of Aggression and will offer insight and tips and tricks how to deal with it.

There is a special program available for healthcare workers.